1. Lodha Amara is the best planned and most desirable location in Thane.
  2. Where would you discover a utopian neighbourhood at India’ no.1 investment hotspot ? At Lodha Amara Ofcourse.
  3. The best development with elegantly designed air-conditioned homes cocooned in neighbourhood with acres of green & host of amenities.
Amara Urban Oasis Air





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Living at Lodha Amara is literally a breath of fresh air. With pristine Air quality that rivals the most sought after global Cities and miles ahead of any Indian city, Amara – Urban Oasis is truly the destination you deserve to have a home at.

This extremely limited application window opens on first-come-first-served basis and is expected to garner a bigger and better response then the prelaunch; not applying early could lead to missing out on the opportunity. 

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